Where are you going? 15 large wild elephants from the forest 500 km away
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Chinese state media reported that a herd of 15 wild elephants had appeared near Kunming in southwest China's Yunnan Province. and walking along the streets of villages and towns as officials rushed to find a way to keep the elephants out of the crowd
Xinhua news agency reported that This herd of wild elephants has walked for more than 500 kilometers from a nature reserve in Yunnan Province. through the farm many villages and living at night in large cities as well
Xinhua media reports said There were originally 16 elephants in this herd, but two of them decided to separate from the herd. and another baby elephant was born So now there are 15 elephants in total.
More than a dozen drones have flown around in China to inspect the paths of 15 wild elephants, blocking many roads. and ordered the people to stay within the dwellings The officials tried to use food to lure wild elephants out of the people's habitat, news reports said. last Wednesday night The herd of wild elephants has arrived in Jinning Subdistrict. The suburb of Kunming, which has a population of around 7 million, is the capital of Yunnan Province.
Local authorities have warned people not to leave food outside their homes. Avoid being close to wild elephants. Do not make loud noises, such as firecrackers, as this can startle the elephant and harm people.
There have been no reports of any injuries from the herd of wild elephants. But elephants have reportedly destroyed more than $1 million worth of agricultural crops, while officials have yet to answer how to bring the elephants back to the wild they came from.
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