Heart disease, an unexpected side effect of tooth decay
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Dental caries are so frequent that they have to visit the dentist countless times, but many people still think that tooth decay is just a small problem of oral health that is not serious at all. And can be healed in a short time, so choose to ignore the problem of tooth decay. But what we overlook always turns out to be a big deal. because in fact A seemingly harmless oral problem like dental caries. Turns out to be one of the factors that can cause heart disease! This kind of danger can't be left unattended. So today joker123 would like to take you to know and avoid tooth decay.
How are tooth decay?
Dental caries is a type of oral problem. which is characterized by teeth damaged by acid Tooth decay can occur in both the tooth and the root that emerges from the gum. Normally, the system works in the oral cavity. There will be a balanced process of changing the minerals calcium and phosphorus in the enamel layer and saliva over time. So there is no loss of minerals from the tooth surface. But in conditions where microorganisms have digested food such as starch and sugar. will turn saliva into acid cause a loss of calcium and more phosphorus is released from the teeth than is recovered. which, if it happens often, will cause tooth decay
Cause of tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by four factors, which are related to each other:
1. Plaque sheet
2. Starchy foods and sugar
3. The teeth
The bacteria that are normally present in the mouth will react with plaque that is stuck between the teeth. and tooth enamel which we cannot completely eliminate acidic which acids can damage tooth enamel Cavities can occur if the pH in the mouth is less than 5.5 often and for a long time.
Unexpected side effects of tooth decay
toothache from tooth decay If left to spread, there will be more and more pain. Germs will spread through the bloodstream to the important organs and can have a negative effect on heart disease. from the presence of germs that cause tooth decay "Streptococcus", which is the same type of infection detected in endocarditis. and heart valve inflammation, so there is an alert to prevent dental health To prevent tooth decay from exacerbating heart disease or having a negative effect on heart disease.

However, heart disease can occur for many reasons. Although there are follow-up studies But in science, there is no research that confirms that information. Can tooth decay cause heart disease? But found to have a negative effect on heart disease. When there is bleeding in the mouth Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream. and when patients with heart disease have a toothache to receive treatment May require patients to take antibiotics before dental treatment. to prevent infection

symptoms of tooth decay
Tooth decay begins in the enamel layer first. It can be seen as a small black spot or a black line along the occlusal groove. or the dentin is abnormally cloudy white At this stage, there is usually no tooth sensitivity or toothache at all. which cleans the teeth well can slow the progression of tooth decay But if we leave it unattended until tooth decay has spread to the dentin layer There will be tooth sensitivity when chewing food. or when the impact of cold
Sometimes there may be pain.
And if we leave it until the tooth decay has spread to the tooth nerve cavity which has blood vessels and nerves will make the pain more severe There may even be that I can't eat or sleep. Sometimes, even taking painkillers can't relieve the pain. And if it is very invasive, it can cause root inflammation and pus, swollen gums or swollen cheeks. which at this stage cannot fill the teeth with normal methods need root canal treatment which is a method that takes a long time to heal and waste of expenses Sometimes a tooth may be lost. because the symptoms are very severe that tooth cannot be preserved This will affect the occlusion will be less effective. and must use dentures
Care and treatment of tooth decay
- Early tooth decay that has a turbid white color Just make sure your mouth is getting fluoride regularly every day, such as brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste regularly. can make this decay back to normal
- in teeth where the enamel layer has turned black but not yet that hole Brush your teeth regularly. Able to prevent decay from forming a hole and check to see if there is an increase in the progression of tooth decay.
- If decay has spread to a hole but does not spread to the tooth nerve can be treated with fillings
- Caries that spread to the tooth nerve must take into account the remaining dentin If there is enough to be restored, the dental cavity will be maintained. and restore the teeth to their original condition by filling or crowning
- If there is too little dentin must be treated by tooth extraction In order not to be a reservoir of food waste and germs, which can cause infections that can spread to other parts of the body
- In the event that the filling material is broken Should hurry to get new fillings. to prevent tooth decay
prevention of tooth decay
Tooth decay is a condition that cannot be treated or prevented by medication. When there is tooth decay, it must be treated with fillings. Or tooth extraction only, so to prevent tooth decay. We have a simple way to do it yourself as follows.
1. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth properly. together with the use of dental floss Always brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after eating. or if it is inconvenient I used a vigorous spitting method several times.
2. Eat well And has benefits for teeth such as meat, vegetables and fruit. Avoid starchy and sugary foods or sweets, especially those that are tough on teeth. which is a food that promotes tooth decay easily
3. Visit your dentist for a dental check every 6 months or at least once a year.
4. Use fluoride to prevent tooth decay. and make teeth strong This can be done in a number of ways, such as using fluoride toothpaste along with taking fluoride pills. Fluoride tablets (in children) Fluoride infusion, consult your doctor before use.
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