FDA orders Johnson to discard 60 million doses of coronavirus vaccine due to contamination
Problem reported by jackson - June 12 at 7:43 AM

 Administration (FDA) has ordered Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to drop the COVIDThe New York Times reported that The U.S. Food and Drug -19 vaccine. Millions of doses Because it was found to be contaminated, the New York Times stated. After weeks of deliberation, the FDA ordered the Johnson Company to dump 60 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine being manufactured at a Baltimore facility. The plant is operated by Emergent. BioSolutions, Inc. because it was found to be contaminated.

The factory was ordered to close in April. After officials detected several violations of the rules. This includes contaminating Johnson's vaccine with compounds in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. of AstraZeneca Co. As a result, 170 million doses of Johnson's and AstraZeneca vaccines were suspected of being contaminated

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