Complete Guide to Holding a Funeral Service in Singapore
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Going all out to give your loved one an elaborate send-off will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but you can also opt for simpler, less costly funerals that are no less memorable or dignified.
We all know that living in Singapore can be costly – that’s just a result of living in a world-class city. However, most of us can make adjustments to our lifestyles, making more frugal choices and living within our means.But what about after we die? Can our last rites in this expensive city mirror how we lived – frugally and with dignity?
Thankfully, the answer is yes.
Here’s a complete guide to holding a funeral service in Singapore, as well as how to give your loved one the send-off they deserve without incurring too much financial burden in the process.
Register the death
The first thing you should do is to register the death, in order to obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death. This is an important document that will be required not only during the funeral, but also for actions such as closing bank accounts, claiming insurance, transferring utilities accounts, etc.
Certificate of Cause of Death
If your loved one passed away in the hospital, the Certificate of Cause of Death will be issued at no charge.
However, if, say, the deceased elected to receive palliative care at home and passed away there, you’ll need to engage a doctor to certify the death. This could cost around S$200 to S$300.
In a natural death (such as from disease, an accident or a spontaneous breakdown of critical bodily functions, such as an acute heart failure), no autopsy will be ordered.
However, if unnatural death is suspected, an autopsy may be ordered under the Coroner’s Act, in order to help determine the cause of the death. Autopsies conducted for this reason will have their costs absorbed. You may request a copy of the report, which will cost S$160.50.
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