Apple cut the time trial, Apple TV + for new equipment from 1 year to 3
Idea shared by jackson - June 17 at 8:18 AM
monthsfor a while now that Apple(Apple) has a promotion using Apple TV + up to 1 year to users who purchase. enable deviceApple'snew  iPad, Mac,iPhone,and Apple Watch,but with the latest updates on the site that date from July 1 onwards. Will reduce the trial period in the promotion from 1 year to only 3 months. Today's update on the Apple TV+ web page changes the entitlement to a free trial of Apple TV+ when purchasing and activating a new Apple device for a one-year period ending on June 30th. and will be reduced to only 3 months on the 1st July onwards For users who want a 1-year trial of Apple TV+, they need to activate by June 30
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