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Nanoparticles help improve varnishes and cosmetic products. But in the long term they could be harmful to people and the environment. Miltiades Schmidt has plunged into the tiny nanoworld.
Nanotechnology has changed the functional perspective of materials used in medicine, offering them better functionality mainly due to their nanometric size polyester yarn . An example is silver nanoparticles that exhibit different properties once applied to biological systems, compared to traditional treatment systems.
The nanometric size gives them the ability to penetrate different biological membranes such as the bacterial wall, increasing their bactericidal effect. This review addresses in a general way the processes used to obtain silver nanoparticles as an example of the technology used in the design of these vehicles.
The quality parameters applied to protect its functionality and an explanation of its antibacterial action mechanism in view of an effective therapeutic evaluation and as a benchmark of the impact of the development of materials through nanotechnology.

Nov What are Nanoparticles? Types and properties of these particles

Maybe you think that terms such as nanoparticles or nanotechnology are a thing of the future, but no, they are part of your day to day and collaborate in many investigations and applications that you probably do not know but that you may be using at the moment.
The use of nanoparticles is the order of the day in medical, cosmetic or veterinary studies. But you may wonder, what is this nanoparticles and what are they for? And is that if you do not know much about nanotechnology, it may seem difficult to understand.
That is why today you are going to learn about this micro particle technology, which is not only interesting, it is also the future in many investigations that will lead to great medical, pharmaceutical advances and in many other areas.
Researchers have taken advantage of the possibilities offered by nanoparticles and nanotechnology to advance their research, the results of which can be very beneficial for the economy and society.

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