Interesting questions about how to lose weight
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when waking up in the morning In the liver there are about 200 grams of sugar and another 200 grams in the muscles. If we don't eat anything The energy your body uses all the time in the morning. It will be obtained from the metabolism of this sugar at about 11:00 am. The stored energy will be exhausted. We will begin to feel exhausted. not active The body will use the energy stored in the muscles. causing the body to need more food to compensate for wasted energy
we need energy Even without doing anything?
In fact, 70% of the food we eat is converted into energy. To be used in various activities of the body, including providing warmth. Even wiggling your fingers or blinking your eyes requires energy. This is what we call metabolic processes.
Most people tend to return to the same weight after using the wrong weight loss method?
Indeed, because most people Often return to the same healthy eating habits after losing weight or may even eat more. Therefore, it is important to change your healthy eating habits in the long term, for example. Get into the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables instead of sweets.
exercise as how to lose weight Is that really effective at the point?
Not always, the body will begin to burn fat. After at least 45 minutes of strenuous exercise, the calculation showed that walking 96 hours 37 minutes at a speed of 5 km / hour in order to get rid of just 1 kg of fat. The more you exercise, the more hungry you will feel. Because the body needs energy to replace the parts used during exercise. It is well known that People who do not exercise are more prone to obesity. Regular and moderate exercise is essential in how to lose weight That is correct because it will help the body structure to be more balanced. Helps build strong muscles increase muscle size And the body will burn more calories than burn energy better. and help eliminate excess energy
Is fish really less fat than meat?
Not always. Some fish, such as mackerel, sardines, have more fat than beef. or chicken meat Salmon that is farmed. It has as much saturated fat as with a steak
Eating food without salt makes you slim?
Wrong, because what the body removes along with salt is water, not fat. Therefore, there is no reason to stop consuming salt. but must not consume too much Because it will cause the body to be dehydrated. Because the body has to excrete salt through the urine.
Does skim milk have less calcium than regular milk?
Wrong. In the process of removing fat from the milk. Calcium is not broken down in any way. but may lose vitamins A and D This will allow the body to absorb less calcium.
From what I have tried to read with questions that should be known about how to lose weight Some people may have misunderstood something. So I look forward to exercising and learning more. to build a good body in the future
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