Introduction: QuickBooks Desktop vs Online
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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online accounting software comprises lots of features and functionalities and has been launched in 1983 by Intuit. You don’t need to install this version of QuickBooks on your Desktop as you can use QuickBooks Online from anywhere. However, a proper internet connection will be required for accessing QuickBooks Online. It will be the best option if you don’t have any complicated invoicing. Below, all the editions of QBO have been mentioned. 

  1. Self-employed 

  2. Simple Start

  3. Essentials

  4. Plus

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop has been launched in 1998 specifically for businesses that have complex requirements of handling inventory. However, you have to install this version on your Desktop, but no internet connection will be required to run QuickBooks Desktop. We recommend purchasing this version if you are handling accounting activities for multiple companies.

QuickBooks Desktop comes up with three editions that have been written below.  

  1. QuickBooks Pro

  2. QuickBooks Premier

  3. QuickBooks Enterprise: This includes three plans. 

  1. Silver

  2. Gold 

  3. Platinum

  1. QuickBooks Mac

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop comparison chart 

To compare QuickBooks online vs desktop, you need to go through the following list. Here, we have tried to mention some of the basis of difference in both of the accounting software. 




QuickBooks Online 


QuickBooks Desktop 

Number of Users 

In QuickBooks Online, there will be no limit of users as multiple users are allowed to run the software from anywhere. As we know, the Online version allows you to continue working from anywhere. 

A single person can run the QuickBooks Desktop only when he/she is on their system. Also, you can create another account to access the software. 


This version allows QuickBooks users to avail of all features and functionalities during the trial. You don’t require installing the software to take advantage of its features. It just requires signing up online to initiating the free trial. 

Whereas, you have to install QuickBooks Desktop on the system to get the advantage of its features and functionalities. 

Mobile Functionality 

This version of QuickBooks can be accessed via tablet or phone only by after integrating with your accounting-related activities. Additionally, it helps you in reconciling your bank statement. 

There is no feature of mobile functionality in the QuickBooks Desktop. But, you can avail of cloud access in the desktop version through other vendors.  

Remote Access 

QuickBooks Online will be the best option for the one who is interested to work 24*7. Because you have remote access that indicates QuickBooks can be utilized from anywhere. 

On the other hand, you will be required IT costs and licensing fees to get remote access in the QuickBooks Desktop. 



Hopefully, all your doubts have been cleared regarding QuickBooks Desktop vs Online. If you are still confused to choose one of the software, we recommend getting in touch with our skilled professionals. They can help you out by telling you a clear difference between QuickBooks Online and Desktop. To talk to our experts, you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number (855-365-6012). 


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