5 clips of fitness during WORK FROM HOME
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Exercise refers to any movement that makes your friends' muscles. work and so that the body burns calories There are many different types of exercise including swimming, jogging, walking, dancing, etc. Exercise has been shown to have many health benefits both physically and mentally. There is also research confirming that Exercise makes us live longer.
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Especially during this period, many people have to stay at home or work from home according to the campaign from the government. Stay at home stop germs for the nation Staying at home for a long time can cause stress without knowing it. So in this article, I have compiled a variety of exercises that can be done at home. can choose as you like Alternately rotate each day. Ready to go and try it out!
1. Build a simple waist with 5 exercises.
2. 5 moves with dumbbells, fit and firm arms
3. 6 postures to tighten your buttocks
4. Reduce your face like you can do anywhere in the house with 4 easy poses.
5. Burn calories in front of the house with HIIT
Let's do an alternating schedule. You may not have to do it every day, just 3 days/week, 15-30 minutes a day can help reduce stress during home quarantine. Let's try to use it.

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