Can I begin my essay with a quotation?
Question asked by Assignment Max - November 9 at 12:03 PM
It can be attractive to the reader, and it is not wrong to start our essay with quotes. The more effective way if you write the quote after two to three lines. You can write the beginning, an interesting one to attract the readers, and then after some sentences, including a quote is a fantastic idea. It can give the essay a useful reference and understanding. The quotations should be very relatable with the given topic of your essay. You can also begin your second paragraph with a quote so that the reader keeps on reading the essay to attract more interest in your essay. It can be intriguing to write the quote at the very beginning of the essay. Writing the quotations to your essay gives you the freehand of expressing your topic, and it is also an excellent way to get to the point instantly. It is acceptable. 
Quotations give an exciting format to the essays and make it more creative to imagine the whole essay and its information and go ahead with the reading. Though essay writing is not a big task, if you require any help in writing your essays then cheap dissertation writing uk will be the best choice to select for help.

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