Obesity, Erectile Dysfunction: Another sad story with a happy ending
Idea shared by nora jone - July 10 at 1:11 PM
Imagine if a few million dollars could be invested in public education campaigns to let men know that losing weight and improving fitness can help them.
There have been more public health initiatives to promote weight loss and fitness recently due to the rising incidence of obesity and related increases in heart disease and diabetes. Imagine the impact of a campaign giving men the goal of healthy sex.  Cenforce pills   is more tangible than lowering your triglycerides, which most people would agree with.
Comprehensive weight loss treatment will likely come with some financial costs. How do these costs compare with the cost of prescription treatments? Consider how much lower overall healthcare costs men would have if they tried to regain their virility through weight loss and better health, rather than popping a pill.
This treatment, no matter how cost-effective or medically necessary, will never be "accompanied with free pens, notepads, and its own Superbowl commercial," according to a JAMA editorial.
This means that doctors and public health advocates must spread the message of hope, without spending a lot of money.
Muse is one of few erectile dysfunction treatments couples can include into their foreplay. Muse is a method of inserting a small pellet into the urethra. This tiny pellet contains the drug alprostadi, which increases blood flow to the penis.
A tiny applicator is used to insert the pellet in the urethra. It absorbs and spreads throughout the tissue. To help the pellet spread and melt, the penis should always be rolled backwards and forth. The erection process will take between 8-10 minutes and can last for 30-60 minutes.
Muse can cause a variety of side effects, including aching in the penis or rectum, warmth or burning sensations in the urethra, increased blood flow to your penis, and slight urinary bleeding.
It's difficult enough for many couples to deal with unwanted side effects. You can always look into herbal remedies for erectile problems that provide great results with no side effects.
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