Tips to lose weight like a Chinese woman
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The Chinese are another nation with a long history of food culture. Including in the matter of eating to lose weight as well. So we have some tips for eating to lose weight for the people of the dragon country to leave each other. Which will be what? Let's see.
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The term calorie restriction has little meaning. Because Chinese people regard food as a tonic. that need to be obtained But if on a diet, the Chinese will use a way to reduce the use of foods that are high in sugar. Or if you're going to eat it, put less sugar in it.
Although meat is popular with Chinese people. But vegetables are indispensable as well. in a dish that the Chinese eat Always have at least half of the vegetables.
It's hard for you to feel full. If your meal is without rice Because rice is a staple food with high fiber content. Therefore, abstaining from rice for a diet is not a good idea. But to change to reduce the amount is better
For Chinese people, eating all three meals is essential. And it should be a healthy food. In order for the body to receive the necessary nutrients sufficiently And when you feel full enough, stop eating immediately.
avoid raw food While raw foods such as salads are nutrient-dense foods, it's true. But it's easier for the body to absorb nutrients from well-cooked food. In addition, raw food is difficult to digest. and can cause bloating as well
Liquid foods such as soups are another type of food that Chinese people like to eat. Because not only will it help you feel refreshed. but also to reduce the consumption of fat as well
Thais and Chinese have different eating cultures. So we can apply these tips. to match our eating habits To be in good shape and healthy at the same time.

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