How can you rectify QuickBooks Script Error?
Question asked by David Brown - July 17 at 6:42 AM
Well, we all are familiar with the QuickBooks accounting software and the run-time error codes & bugs. Today, we talk about QuickBooks script error startup and the causes behind its occurrence in the given article. Script errors are considered as one of the most irritating and confusing errors that might encounter while accessing the QuickBooks software. This happens because script error in QuickBooks doesn’t allow any information. As a result, it becomes very difficult to understand the root cause of the script error QuickBooks.
If you are also going through the same error, follow the given article respectively, and fix the issue. You can get all the solutions required to resolve the script error. First, let’s introduce the error.
What is a script error on the QuickBooks program?
You may experience the script error when opening QuickBooks on the desktop. Furthermore, you will not be able to get any information during the occurrence of the script error QuickBooks. Including so, this doesn’t display any message that can be understood. You might find this error when the web page is not loading. This indicates there is some issue on the script page. We would like to tell you that the script error is a minor error and doesn’t cause any loss to your company files.

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Akshay M Replied
July 17 at 12:03 PM

Now that you know the possible causes and symptoms of the Intuit QB Script Error Message, you will not have more trouble in fixing this technical dismay. Follow the below-described methods carefully in their given sequence-

Method 1: Clear Your Default Browser’s Cache Data

If any of the cookies, history, or temporary Internet files are causing the Script error in QuickBooks, then clear the cache data to fix the issue.

  • Select Tools in your Internet Explorer.
  • Now click Internet Options and then the same action for the General tab.
  • Next, under Browser History locate and click the Delete option.
  • Checkmark the options that you want to delete before you confirm the selections.
  • Click OK to implement.
  • Method 2: Disable if there are any Add-Ons on your Internet Explorer

Make sure that no add-on is there on your default browser or Internet Explorer. If yes, disable it in no time.

  • In your Internet Explorer, go to the Tools section.
  • Now, you have to select Internet Options.
  • Next, choose Programs to proceed further.
  • In the new tab, click Manage add-ons.
  • Select Disable add-ons and click OK to confirm your selection.

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