Guidelines for migraine therapy with green light New approaches that may help treat migraines
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migraine headache It's a headache that can happen to anyone. There will be a throbbing pain. Most of the time, there is pain on only one side. It can only hurt both sides as well. Initially, the pain is mild and will gradually become more intense, but research has shown that light can treat migraine headaches. especially the green light Today there is some interesting information about migraine therapy with green light Let's read.
what is green light
All light is produced by electrical signals in the retina. Behind the eyes and the cortex where red and blue light is the light that generates the largest signal The green light produces the smallest signal. This may be the reason green light doesn't bother people with photophobia. And it helps some people with migraines better.
Grain Therapy With green light is more than using a green bulb or green light. but will use green light Specific and narrow green stripes from special lamps. which while using green light, all other light must be filtered
migraine therapy How do you do it with green light?
According to the study, people who were tested for migraine therapy were They were required to sit in a dark, green-lit room for one to two hours every day. Participants were able to do any activity in it, but electronic devices were not allowed. Or any devices that cause other colors of light, such as mobile phones, tablets, importantly, those who participated in the experiment should not look directly at the light source. And should try to open your eyes all the time, not sleeping, but can choose to do other activities like reading a book chat with friends in the room Or can do other favorite activities
Dr. Ibrahim, who has researched migraine therapy with a green light that Those who took the therapy had a significant reduction in migraine headaches. In addition, the severity of the headache was significantly reduced. This could be down to 60 percent, and 30 people had less headaches. Although this is just a small study, it is a therapy with low side effects.
Green light migraine therapy studies have not found any harmful side effects. There was only eye pain that was with the light. Even though the study was completed But still in the process of experimentation and research. But more research on migraines is needed to see how effective it is.
Other forms of migraine therapy
People who suffer from migraines are most likely to take medication to relieve migraines. But for some people, medication may not respond as well as they should. Therefore, these migraine treatment options may help improve symptoms.
Keep a journal, journaling your eating, sleeping, and activities. Our migraines may help us know when migraines are attacking us. causing us to avoid doing that activity to avoid migraines
get enough sleep not enough sleep can cause migraine attacks In addition to getting enough sleep You should also relax yourself. Such as bathing in warm water, reading a book, or listening to music that helps the body relax. and should avoid consuming caffeine and heavy meals before bedtime
eating Should eat on time complete every meal And should avoid foods that trigger migraines.
Exercising Regularly, regularly. Exercise helps the body release chemicals that help stop pain. Exercise can also improve your mood.
Get enough magnesium One study found that getting enough magnesium may help stave off the pain of migraines. Nuts, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, low-fat yogurt, and eggs are all good sources of magnesium.
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