5 secrets to camouflage your belly To look slim!
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Girls with belly, please come this way. When his belly was puffed up, it was difficult to dress up as a good horse. He chose the wrong outfit and was said to be pregnant again. If someone gets up to sit on the bus, it's even very heartbreaking. Therefore, since the belly is very difficult to reduce Let's use the way to disguise the puppet first. The technique is not that difficult. Just do the following. It looks like a slimmer figure. Can camouflage the belly in a smooth way
1. Wear a shirt or dress to release men.
If you do not want the belly offside When wearing clothes, try not to focus on your belly too much. It is recommended to choose to wear a Peplum shirt or a loose-fitting dress that is comfortable and not too tight. This only helps to highlight the clothes rather than focusing on the belly.
2. Wear a long shirt.
In addition to wearing a shirt with a male release Long shirts or oversize shirts also help camouflage a little belly. Ours are the same. But try not to choose a size that is too big. because it will make you look fat Just pick a little bigger. But it's long enough to cover the belly.
3. Put on a wide belt or use a shirt to tie the waist
For anyone who wants to have a chic prop. It is recommended to wear a wide belt with a slightly high waist. will help make us look more waist Or if you want to change the look, you can find a shirt to tie the waist instead to make it look more layered.
4. Cover with Blazer
It's a simple trick but always available That is to wear over a coat, whether it's a blazer, suit, or whatever it is Just put it on and it can help camouflage it to look slimmer. I don't see a puffy belly that bothers me, especially if it's a slightly fitted robe. then the wide end It will look even more with a waist.
5. Do not put transverse or large stripes.
If you want to survive and not risk it, I strongly reiterate that the stripes are thrown away. Don't pick it up to focus on the belly at all. It is recommended to wear a dark tone or a simple color first so that it does not accentuate the belly any more.
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