Laptop freezing on load
Idea shared by robert smith - July 23 at 12:24 PM
Hey! I have an ASUS TUF FX504GM laptop, which was working flawlessly until last week. I don't know what happened, but seems like there was a power surge after which my laptop froze and smoke was coming out from near the fans. I immediately removed all connections and manually forced shutdown by holding the power button. I let it cool for sometime. After that I opened the back cover, only to discover one of the IC was burnt completely and the laptop was not able to charge.
I contacted nathan at best buy geek squad phone number he suggested to replace the ic and the charger. 
After implementing these changes the issue was resolved and now it is working fine without any issue. 

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Akshay M Replied
July 29 at 1:03 PM

There may be of lot to be a reason for it!

And it can be narrowed down into two parts,

  1. Insufficient memory (most likely primary memory).
  2. Not having enough clock speed or older processor.

The first one is easy to resolve, it just needs few clicks. But, sorry man, for second one you need to change your hardware or stops using the services you currently working with. Sometimes you may also need to add extra RAM for resolving the memory issue. I recommend you to clear the temp files, browsing history and cache files and then restart once. If you still have the problem get an extra RAM.

Samuel Darden Replied
September 21 at 2:52 AM
One of the reasons why your device is there is too much app open.  Each program running on your system consumes internal and hardware resources in order to function. When numerous apps and programs are active, your PC's resources may get drained as RAM is used by a number of applications. To avoid this, it is best to run one application at a time to ensure that a computer freeze is not caused by running numerous programs at the same time. After doing your work and closing the programs that you don’t need, download fate/grand order on pc with emulatorpc and clash royale (android, ios) and play the games one at a time.

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