What are the stages of penile curvature? This article has the answer.
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penis curvature disease or curvature of the penis Medically called Peyronie's Disease, the patient has a hard fibrosis of the penis. causing the penis to lose its ability to be flexible Therefore, the bend occurs when erection. However, how many stages of penis curvature disease will there be? Find out in this article.
What are the stages of penile curvature disease?
The stage of penile curvature disease It can be divided into 2 phases as follows:
1. Acute phase (Active Phase or Acute phase)
A sign of acute penile curvature is pain in the penis when an erection occurs. And the penis may have other changes such as bending, inflammation, including plaque on the penis. by this acute period of penile curvature disease Plaque can build up for about 18 months.
2. Chronic phase
For chronic penile curvature disease The pain in the penis will go away. But the curvature of the penis will remain erect. and may cause decreased sexual performance or can deteriorate Chronic penile curvature occurs after plaque has formed. It is usually considered chronic penile curvature after the first symptoms appear 12-18 months or more.
Treatment of penile curvature in each stage
There are many different treatments for penile curvature. It depends on your doctor's diagnosis. which method is most suitable for your penis disease symptoms The commonly used treatment methods are as follows:
antibiotic use
To treat inflammation, infection, reduce the size of plaque, etc. However, Medicines that are currently available still can't cure penile curvature 100%, mainly to help relieve the symptoms that occur.
May be used when acute penile curvature disease Injections directly into the plaque called intravenous injection which the injection into this plaque It is often used for men with penile curvature disease. in the beginning or those who are unsure whether to undergo surgery

use in severe Or can not be treated with other methods by popular surgical methods are as follows:
1. Surgery to shorten the side of the opposite penis By cutting a small piece of tissue on the outside of the curve and suturing it off.
2. Surgery to make the side of the penis curved longer. When the penis is very curved and plaque can become calcified. Your doctor will remove some of the plaque. Most of this surgery A doctor will recommend it only in severe cases.
3. Penis implant surgery Or artificial genitalia, most after undergoing surgery in this way. will make the penis straight and hardened enough for sexual intercourse
penis curvature disease Can it turn into cancer?

Data collected from 2007-2014 by Truven Health Analytics, a company providing healthcare data and analysis, indicated that men with penile curvature Men have a 10% higher risk of developing various types of cancer than men with erectile dysfunction, but further research is needed. in order to obtain more precise information
However, if a man thinks he has a penile curvature disease. or are at risk of developing this disease Should consult a doctor, do not hesitate, for the sake of your own health.

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