Known for "fear of holes" (Trypophobia), seeing holes are disgusting, don't dare to look.
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Trypophobia is another disease that people may develop without realizing it. Some people may have seen a lot of holes. And then I feel afraid, I feel shaky, I don't dare to look. Today, let's get to know this disease better. what is this disease what does it look like and how to cope
What is Trypophobia?
It is a state in which we feel fear, hate, disgust, and uncomfortable to look at. The surface of an object that looks like a hole, a hole, a round hole, has a lot of agglomeration.
These items may be commonly seen in everyday life such as honeycombs, lotus seeds, corals, sponges, strawberries, bubbles, pearls, pomegranate seeds, animal skin. or images made by people
Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
- Goosebumps when looking
- Feeling uncomfortable, unable to look
- Nausea
- afraid to look
- panic
- disgusting
Fear of holes may not be a disease

There is research and many doctors describe it. may not be classified as fear Because it wasn't like that at all, because it actually looked like those holes. It didn't cause any harm. It was a disgusting feeling. don't dare to look over
The American Psychiatric Association considers it not an official fear. and requires further study.
Afraid of what?
- There was a bad incident in the past involving a hole object.
- have a brain disorder or the functioning of the brain has changed
- May be associated with depression or anxiety disorders
- some learning behavior
If you feel symptoms How should I cope?
- Do activities that make us relax can reduce stress
- Exercise regularly
- Eat nutritious food
- Maybe try to practice looking at or approaching things that are afraid
- Consult a psychiatrist undergo therapy
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