Why my HP Printer Showing Error Code 30
Idea shared by Henry Max - August 15 at 10:54 PM

Of all the errors an HP Printer can show, feel lucky if you are seeing, a printer not activated error code 30 messages on your screen. This error usually indicates that nothing is wrong with your printer; the only issue is with your software or one of your connection cords is loose. To fix the error, first of all, make sure that all the cords are original and well connected. HP Printer Error Code 30 You can try to reassemble the printer if that doesn't solve the problem, then uninstall the software and driver from your device. After this, download the latest version of software or driver online from the official HP website or you can use the CD that came with your printer but that CD might have outdated version, so it’s better to download it online and your problem will be fixed. If not, then you will have to call a professional or a technician.


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