Performance anxiety
Question asked by tadarise20 - August 28 at 5:23 AM
Many men suffer from performance anxiety. However, this psychological condition can become a problem when there is an overwhelming anxiety associated with the task. This can reduce both performance and pleasure. Sometimes men get so worried about their partner seeing fireworks that they start to psyche themselves out. This can lead to a miserable evening. Performance anxiety can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies and it feeds on itself.
The following scenario is possible: A man and woman have plans for an evening that will lead to intimate encounters. However, the man is up the previous night worrying about the big date. This leaves him exhausted and slow at work the next day. The man then becomes disorganized at work and is yelled at daily by his boss. His stress levels skyrocket all day. He is tired by the time the big date arrives and doesn't feel up to it in the bedroom. He says to his partner, well-intentioned, "It's okay. It happens to lots of men." It's a classic line, right? He now has this fear in his head and is determined to improve his performance the next night. However, he now feels pressure to perform better and falls again, further diminishing his self-confidence. This pattern could continue, as the man is now afraid of failing in the bedroom. What started out as a psychological problem is now a psychological problem called performance anxiety.
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