How to settle this Error?
Question asked by NorthCarolina - September 1 at 8:48 AM
One way to fix this error is by first checking to see if the payment has been completed. Oftentimes, this error will show up if there is a problem with the bank or credit card information listed for PayPal.Another thing to check is if you have enough funds in your account. If the account has limited funds, then it won't be able to process the credit card transactions. The process of fixing the error "PROCESSING PAYMENT" starts by checking for any loose wires or plugs, as these can cause serious errors with your account. After you've plugged the dongle back in and saved the dongle's data, it may be necessary to set up a new SSL certificate to fix this problem.More Essays: - If these things do not work then contact our Quickbooks Phone Number (855)-756-1077. 

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