What Is Prototyping In Web Design?
Question asked by Jacklin Albert - September 21 at 2:10 PM
Basically, a prototype is an interactive mockup of the web design. It's used to gather feedback from project stakeholders before the final development of the project. Usually, it doesn't have all the features and functionalities of final websites. But it can give a good idea of the user journey and flow through a website. 

Prototyping can be beneficial in the design process, as it allows saving time, effort, and resources on web projects. Moreover, it can highlight areas for improvement. Therefore developing a prototype is one of the important aspects of the business. 

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jacksonsamy Replied
September 22 at 3:01 AM
A website prototype can be any mock-up or demo of what a website will look like when it goes live. It can be anything from a paper sketch to a clickable HTML prototype. ... There are a variety of different ways to create an interactive prototype. Vist my website international moving companies in dubai​

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