Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE ROUND 39 Replica watch B113/03674
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CORUM: the new GOLDEN BRIDGE AUTOMATIC, equipped with a panoramic sky-blue case

To remember the tenth anniversary on the self-winding movement, CORUM Replica luxury watches released a new Golden Bridge self-winding series. The barrel-shaped scenario is composed of four models. With all the panoramic sapphire crystal a glass and the larger size of the lens case back, it can provide a shifting view of the movement.


Since its founding throughout 1955, Corum has been on the forefront of design and also technology, often adventuring using bold looks and impressive movements. This may be why the brand name is known for many different emblems, from coin watches to be able to admirals and bubbles. Still the most powerful legend inside the Corum series is the Fantastic Bridge watch, which was 1st released in 1980 and is designed with the world's first in-line rectangular movement. Just 3 decades later, in 2011, Corum introduced an automated version of the on-line movement that also grabbed the world.


Today, to celebrate the 10th everlasting nature of the launch of the Golden Brdge automatic winding machine, CORUM has once again made some sort of leap, launching a new Glowing Bridge automatic winding set, equipped with an avant-garde situation, which allows you to see the intricate movement at a glance. fake watches form china


The first, almost rebellious linear movements was originally created by Vincent Calabrese in the 1970s. Calabrese is actually a self-taught Italian watchmaker who will be passionate about doing different things. Started to work on the idea of demonstrating the incredible movement as a possible integral part of the overall model of the watch. He showed his or her patented concept at the Geneva International Inventors' Show with 1977, which is a highly skeletonized in-line movement. Corum's knowledgeable management immediately obtained often the patent and cooperated having Calabrese to develop a revolutionary activity.


The first CORUM Golden Bridge equipped with platinum movement components made their debut at the Basel Expo in 1980. The intriguing movement-displayed in all its glory-was a sudden success and captured the actual hearts of the world. Since then, just about all iterations and evolutions-with it has the minimalist design and gorgeous square movement-have left an indelible impression on the watch series world. replica watches for men


Of course , when Corum chose to build a self-winding model, it turned to a strong analysis and design team to produce a complex movement. This design lasted more than four yrs, and the brand tirelessly searched for a way to show the floating thready movement with a pendulum around the track. In CORUM Jinqiao Auto, launched in 2011, a fresh era ushered in this modern day idol.


To be able to commemorate the tenth birthday of the self-winding movement, CORUM Watch released a new Gold Bridge automatic winding collection. The barrel-shaped case comprises four models. With the beautiful sapphire crystal glass as well as the larger size of the case backside, it can provide a moving watch of the movement. In addition , CORUM Watch made the blue crystal surface for the first time as being a single sapphire piece stretching from the top crystal hand mirror to both sides of the enjoy, so as to achieve a 360-degree perspective of the interior. High Quality Replica watches


Sapphire is probably the most difficult materials to handle since it is very brittle and may break during the manufacturing process. In addition, it needs to pay special attention for the corners and metal circumstance connection to make the watch water-proof. However , CORUM's internal technical engineers and watchmakers have learned the single-piece craftsmanship since the top and sides.


The new version with the watch case is made of polishable grade 5 titanium, the particular crown is located at 6th: 00, ergonomic comfort and attractiveness. Each of these two materials furthermore provides diamonds mounted on predicament. Only 100 diamond-encrusted ti versions are produced, and they only 25 diamond-encrusted titanium wrist watches are produced.


In addition , CORUM Watch provides invented a discrete suspended strap system for its hand-inlaid time scales, showing an extremely modern and sophisticated type. The design is actually out of the dependence on functionality. Since there is no dial to repair it, the strap strategy is connected to the base of the mobility, so the mark seems to move in the space. Just like the sequence name-Golden Bridge-the main connection and bridges of the motion are made of 18 carat yellow metal in all versions. cheap Greubel Forsey Balancier watches


All 10th Anniversary Gold colored Bridge Automatic Watches utilize a sapphire caseback made of smoked cigarettes crystal, which is almost unexplainable in appearance. In addition , they are all driven by the original automatic movements, which is still very innovative even by today's specifications. All 194 parts of Corum Calibre C0313 are in one particular series. It has a 40-hour reserve of power, a variable inertia equilibrium wheel that can achieve long lasting accuracy, a miniature barrel or clip and main board, a new splint made of 18 carat weight gold, and a platinum thready Oscillating weight.


The CORUM Golden Passage Automatic 10th Anniversary Enjoy is water-resistant to fifty meters, with a soft-touch may be the leather strap and multiply folding clasp. cheap U-BOAT Chimera watches  

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