How to withdraw money from account and card in paypal?
Idea shared by Mike lawrence - October 5 at 6:05 AM
Paypal is online money transaction platform. you  just need to sign up in paypal and you can enjoy his services. for know about paypal sign up process and for any issue come to my website and read my paypal sign up blog. But  in here we will discuss How to withdraw money from account and card in paypal?. in different countries paypal have different procedure. in some country you can add local bank account and can withdraw from your account or in some country you can withdraw from only U.S bank.Below i will tell you some steps how to withdraw from bank or card you just need to follow mention steps:- 
Withdraw to Bank Account
1. Go to "My Account" and choose  "Withdraw" option.
2. Click "Withdraw funds to your bank account".
3. Enter your bank Account detail and click "Continue".
4. Click on "Submit"Button.
It will take 5 – 7 days to transfer the fund to your bank account. PayPal personal account members are restricted to withdraw more than $500.00 per month.
Withdraw to Card
1. Go to "My Account" and choose "Withdraw" option.
2. Click "Withdraw funds to your bank card".
3. Enter the amount and select a credit card to receive payment.
This transaction will normally take 5-7 days. However the length of time might be affected by card issuer’s policies. Withdrawals to your card must meet a minimum 
withdrawal amount. Hope this information will be useful for you and after this knowledgeable information you will easily withdraw from bank or card for more information about paypal come to my website.

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Mike lawrence Replied
October 11 at 6:07 AM
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coca mary Replied
October 11 at 7:08 AM
The article gives me a lot of valuable information. helped me learn many things.

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