Become A Good Writer Is Difficult?
Question asked by Mark Scot - April 20 at 8:16 AM
Hi I am Mark Scot from the united kingdom and I have a question which I have asked on different platforms and still didn't get the answer if is there any is a writer who is working in college paper writing help website that becomes a good writer is difficult? if yes then why it is difficult for a person to become a writer? if is there anyone who also gives me a proper answer on this then please let me know.

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Farah Pervaiz Replied
April 20 at 10:56 AM
It depends upon your interest and the way you get it. For becoming a good writer you must have the best research and writing and learning skills. It now becomes easier registration for PK domains at affordable rates. You required good learning skills also. 
Akshay M Replied
June 8 at 2:19 PM

To become a writer first and foremost you have to be passionate. You have to feel everything even more deeply than others do.

Everyone sees a object, everyone has emotions, everyone feels.

But the difference between a “one” and a writer being a writer can put vibrant colors to those feelings,to those thoughts , he can decorate all those emotions with words and make them come alive.

To be a writer you have to fall in love. Fall in love with the road, with the tree, with the bird, with the boat, river, rain, flower, with different people. When you love someone or something you tend to think a lot about the same. When too much in thoughts once in a while you may find yourself scribbling letters for them. Then you write words and then a paragraph. It all comes from within. You don't need to push it too hard.

Reading different articles helps. It surely do. Read anything and everything. You may find a piece of newspaper fallen in your floor. Pick it up. Read it. You will come to know something. Reading increases your vocabulary tremendously, your writing skills and style will get enhanced. Not only that imagine how vast your personal knowledge will be when you have read different books and articles and journals. You can even base your writings on those.

Next, you need to imagine. Imagine as hard as you are able to. Imagine a whole situation. Make story in your mind. Have conversations in your mind. Talk to yourself. Take an instance, you have not met your best friend for some months and you miss him​/her terribly. You crave for his/her presence around you to share all the good and bad happenings happening with you and to seek advice. Now you imagine a scenario where you two meet. Imagine the whole conversation, imagine what you two did the whole day, what you ate, where did you go , you may have visited some places or had a lazy day in a cozy and comfy home. Now try to pen down whatever you imagined.

Lastly, remember the good old quote.. “practice makes a man Perfect”.

Keep on writing. Don't lose heart. Judge your own writings. If you are an ameture have someone as your mentor with whom you can discuss your writings andof course whom you completely trust. Emotional connection is good for writings as it becomes easier to write.

Happy writing!




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navon wolf Replied
August 20 at 6:45 AM
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mary clark Replied
August 21 at 12:23 AM
I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that.
Bis Matrimony Replied
November 14 at 6:57 AM
Great post, thanks for sharing. Picked up some good and valuable insight ;) Bis

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