How to Create Mail Account Using WebsitePanel

  1. Sign into your WebsitePanel account (
  2. Go to POP/IMAP Email and click Accounts.

  3. Click the Create Mail Account button.

  4. Fill in :-
    - email account name to be created
    - select a domain name
    - password and confirm password

    Make sure your password contain :-
    - at least 12 character long
    - at least one CAPITAL alphabet
    - at least one small alphabet
    - at least one number, and
    - at least one symbol (such as exclamation mark (!), asterisk (*), comma (,) or even empty space ( )).
    Enter mailbox size limit, if you want to set a size limit for this new mailbox. Otherwise, leave it as -1, so that it will share the overall disk space with other email accounts.
    Other fields are optional.

    Click Save button to complete email account creation.