Scheduled Tasks


What is Scheduled Task?
Control Panel  has a powerful built-in scheduler that allows running various tasks in the specified period of times.

The control panel has the following scheduler tasks:

  • Calculate Server Disk Space
  • Calculate Server Bandwidth
  • Backup Database
  • Calculate Exchange Disk Space
  • Check Web Site Availability
  • Execute System Command
  • Send E-mail Notification
  • Suspend Overused Hosting Spaces
  • Zip Space Files
  • Enterprise Solution Report

Creating Scheduled Task
All scheduled tasks are stored within some hosting space. To add a scheduled task you should first navigate to required hosting space and then click “Scheduled Tasks” in the left hosting space menu. The following screen will appear:

To add a new task click “Add Scheduled Task” button and the following screen will appear:

Specify an arbitrary name of the scheduled task. The main requirement for task name is that it should be quite meaningful and allow you to distinguish one task from another in the list.

Select required task from the appropriate “Task type” dropdown and specify task parameters. Disk space calculation task has a single parameter is the display name of the physical server.

Select the account under which task process will be executed. For both bandwidth and disk space calculation tasks this should be a user account with administrator role.

Specify the task schedule and other optional parameters like priority, histories number and maximum execution time.

This form also allows you viewing results and log of each task execution.

Click “Save” button and return to “Scheduled Tasks” screen.

Scheduled Tasks
Calculate Spaces Disk Space
This scheduled task has no specific configuration options available. Just standard configuration options are available, such as:

  • Schedule (task schedule configuration)
  • Enabled (whether task is active or not)
  • Priority (task queue run priority)
  • Max Execution Time (time span after the task will be abandoned since its start