How to use shared calendar

Create shared calendar
1. login to webmail using primary email account 
2. Click on setting icon on left panel, select Shared Resources
2. Click on New button on top, below window will pop up, please fill in below information
Name: Anything
Type: Calendar
Resource is a conference room : unchecked
3. After Save you will see the Room 1 appear on your Shared Resources list
4. Select Room 1 click on Edit to add permission to user access 
5. After Add Permission below window will pop up, select the user who need to access this calendar. If want to assign to multiple users, please click on Shift on your keyboard and select the user.
Access : your access level
Auto map this share : checked
6.  Save 
7.  Done
Access Shared Resources
1. Login via webmail 
   password:  your password
2. Select Calendar icon on left panel, and click on My Calendar, Select Room 1
3. You will see the shared calendar.
Note: Shared Resource (calendar) cannot apply in outlook. You can only access your calendar / other user calendar shared with you via outlook