Shared user resource for smartermail

Create Shared Resource
  1. Log in as a User to the webmail,
  2. Click Settings > Sharing > Shared Resources > New

  3. After click New, you will see below screen, select the resource you want to shared (here I choose calendar)
  4. After select My Calendar, Click Next button, you will see below screen

  5. Select to Share with a Group or a User
  6.  Set the Access Level
     Read-Only: users can only read
     Full Control: users can modified share resource
     Availability-Only: Calendars only, used to check your availability for a meeting.
  7. Click Save 
User attach this resource
  1. Login in as a User (which have privilege to share the resources)
  2. Click on Settings, Mapped Resource
  3. All available shared resources will be displayed
  4. Select the resource and click Attach to a specific resource
  5. Then, Click Save and you are done

Attach shared calendar to your Outlook
  1. Select Calendar under your left hand panel, select My Calendar on top bar, you will see the list of calendar

  2. Select the shared calender in list
  3. After select the calendar, click on Actions > Add to Outlook, below window will pop up

  4. Choose your Outlook Version and click OK
  5. Done