.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Update Technical Contact (TC) Details with Mobile Phone Number

Domain Names
MYNIC's New Implementation: Update Technical Contact (TC) Details with Mobile Phone Number
  • Applicable for all .my domains.
  1. Please be informed MYNIC is currently enhancing MYNIC Domain Management System security and one of the major features is the implementation of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).
  2. For this to be successfully implemented, it is very important for all .my domain owners to update their Technical Contact (TC) details with mobile phone number before 5th March 2015 to avoid future difficulties in modifying DNS configuration.
  1. What is 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), and how is it different from the way I access the MYNIC Domain Management System now?

    2FA is a security process used to confirm the identity of an authorised user. MYNIC 2FA is ONLY implemented when DNS modifications of .my domain names are required. You will be required to enter the TAC number before submitting the name server modification, which acts as a second level authentication. The 2FA is a form of a TAC number that will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number.
  2. Who MUST register his or her mobile number?
    MYNIC has made it compulsory for the person who acts as the Technical Contact person as recorded in MYNIC database to register his or her mobile number.
  3. How do I (Technical Contact person) register my mobile number?

    To register, please follow the below instructions:
    1. Log into MYNIC Domain Management System
    2. Under ‘Home’, click on the link “Register Mobile Phone No.” as shown in the screenshot below:

  4. How do I know if I have successfully registered my mobile number?
    A notification email will be sent to your email account (as recorded in MYNIC database) when you have successfully registered your mobile number.
  5. How many mobile numbers can I register for TAC?
    You may register only ONE mobile number.
  6. How do I change my mobile number for TAC?
    1. To change, please follow the below instructions:Log into MYNIC Domain Management System
    2. Under ‘Home’, click on the link “Modify Mobile Phone No.” as shown in the screenshot below.

      Important Note:
      * Print out the application form on the Technical Contact’s organisation letterhead, duly sign and fax the application form to MYNIC.
      The changes will take effect ONLY when the application has been verified and processed by MYNIC during working hours.
  7. What happens if I don’t register my mobile phone? Can I still submit my DNS modification?
    You will NOT BE ABLE to complete your DNS modification since you are required to enter the 2FA TAC number that is sent to your registered mobile number to proceed with your application.
  8. Is the mobile number registered for 2FA the same as displayed/stated in WHOIS?
    No, it may not be the same. Your mobile number registered for 2FA will not be displayed in WHOIS.
  9. I don’t have the TAC. Can I still proceed to modify my DNS?
    No. TAC is compulsory for every DNS modification transactions because it provides an additional layer of security to protect you against unauthorised modifications.
  10. Do I need a TAC for every transaction?
    Yes. You can only use one (1) TAC for one (1) transaction or request.
  11. Can I request for two or more TACs and use them?
    No, you cannot request for more than 1 TAC number.
  12. Can I cancel or deactivate my TAC?
    Yes. You can just delete or ignore the SMS that contains the TAC information.
  13. I don’t receive my TAC / lost my TAC / I forgot the TAC / My TAC has expired!
    You can request for the TAC to be re-sent by clicking the “Resend TAC” link.
  14. Can I register a foreign mobile phone number?
    Yes, you can.
  15. How much time do I have before my TAC expires?
    The TAC number will expire after 30 minutes.
  16. How long does it take to receive a TAC via mobile phone (SMS)?
    The delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile service provider.
  17. Is there any charges when a TAC is sent via mobile phone (SMS)?
    No, it's FREE of charge.
  18. I entered my TAC as requested but got an error message.
    You may receive an "error" message for the following reasons:
  19. What happens if I enter a wrong TAC?
    If you have entered a wrong TAC for three (3) times, the TAC will auto-expire and a new TAC will be auto-sent to the registered mobile number.
  20. What happens if I suspect illegal or fraudulent transactions from my account?
    Please contact our Customer Care hotline at +603 8991 7272 or e-mail customercare@mynic.my immediately.
  21. How will I know that the TAC number I’ve received on my mobile is from MYNIC?
    All TAC numbers from MYNIC should be delivered from a shortcode number, 66688, for all Telcos.
    In the case of service interruption on any of the Telco, the service will be routed from shortcode to International Gateway longcode.
    If you are roaming overseas or using a foreign number, longcode under International Gateway will be used.