How To Password Protect Your Web Folder

  1. Please go to "Web Sites", and click on the website that you wish to work on.
  2. The website properties page will be displayed. Click on the ".htaccess" tab.
  3. Click "Enable Helicon Ape" button, and click OK for the confirmation message box.
  4. If you have not yet created a folder to secure, please create the folder now at the "File Manager".
  5. Click "Add .htaccess" button, and in the next screen, click on the ".htaccess path" textbox to select the folder to secure. Click "Update" to save.
  6. Back to the ".htaccess" tab, click "Show Security Options (.htpassword)", and click "Add User" button.
  7. Enter a username and password and click "Update" button to save the user.
  8. Back to the ".htaccess" tab, click "Security Options" link for the .htaccess path you have created at step 4.
  9. Type any name for the AuthName textbox, and tick the checkbox next to the user you have created at step 6. Click "Update" button to save.
  10. If you have multiple users, you can simply tick the checkbox for "valid-user", so that all users you have created will be automatically granted permission.
  11. Now, you have created a secured folder, and a user that has the permission to access the folder with the specified password.